I am a big fan of the TV series (and books) Game of Thrones. I have been toying around with the idea of cooking my way through the seven kingdoms for some time and inspiration found me when I walked in to the fishmonger this week. A whole fresh trout winked at me through the display case and I couldn’t resist. Don’t let whole fish intimidate you (creepy winking aside) it’s actually quite easy to make and has a great wow factor when served to guests.

So grab 1 fish per person, 2 slices of bacon per fish, a bag of lemons and a handful of fresh herbs. 

With season four set to premiere next week, I wanted to pay homage to last seasons climactic episode The Red Wedding. I thought I’d make an upscale version of the wedding feast that was served before, well, you know…

The wedding feast began with a thin leek soup, followed by a salad of green beans, onions and beets, river pike poached in almond milk, mounds of mashed turnips….
– A Storm of Swords

Even with my husband going in for seconds this would be too much food for the three of us so, I broke it into two meals. For lunch I made a hearty leek soup with homemade crusty bread (loosely based on a recipe from the GoT cookbook). For dinner, bacon wrapped trout (which is mentioned elsewhere in the book) and Green Bean and Beet Salad whose recipe I got straight from the original Game of Thrones food blog InnattheCrossroads.com. Make sure to check out their awesomeness! You can see how I made it here.


A little salt and pepper, some lemon slices and a handful of fresh herbs (your choice) gets stuffed into the cavity. I opted for rosemary this time around, but thyme would have been just as yummy. Wrap each fish with two pieces of bacon – our butcher carries a wonderful double smoked variety. Pop it in the oven at 425 F for 25 minutes. The bacon lends some fat to the otherwise very lean fish and we all know that fat equals flavour! I’ve also tried this recipe using prosciutto which is just as good!


You end up with delicately flavoured fish that melts in your mouth and you can serve it with just about anything. It really is that simple!