I am by no means a chef, but I consider myself a passionate home cook. I love cooking from scratch, farm to table, whole foods, global cuisine, authentic and rustic recipes, and the occasional indulgence. Ok, sometimes more than occasional. I use organic whenever I can, I try to cook seasonally, I adore using fresh herbs, and I’ll try anything once.

Why the focus on Sunday dinner? Sunday dinner is special. It’s reminiscent of my childhood when the whole family could share a meal together, in spite of everyone’s busy schedule during the week. Although I try to cook healthy meals during most of the week,  I am also a big believer that you can enjoy richer foods in proper portion sizes. On Sunday I can be more creative, indulge a little, whip up some comfort food or try something new. I’m also a sucker for themes – Vietnameese night? Awesome! 007 Dinner Party? Yes please! In a nutshell, I am just an average stay at home mom with an above average love of food! All kinds of food! Join me in my love affair of putting together simple, wholesome and sometimes exotic ingredients to create meals that make my family happy.


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